I like to say I tell stories and preserve memories. My tool is the camera and my superpower is seeing beauty everywhere, in everyone. I absolutely love bearing witness to the wonders of life, and I’m constantly inspired by people’s stories. I thrive as the essence of my subjects reveals itself in front of my lenses.
I approach my work fully present, with a light heart and great joy. At the same time, I’m very particular about the quality of the final product. I draw my vision from countless sources—a degree in Graphic Design, a diploma in Photography and my continuing studies in the visual arts and personal development fields. My photos are best known for their masterful composition, spontaneity, intimacy and poetic look. 
Born in Brazil and married to a Canadian, I have made BC my beloved home. I spend my days photographing, working on a range of creative projects and exploring my surroundings with my little son, whose curious eyes take in everything in his world like a camera. I learn so much with him.
I can't wait to get to know you while co-creating beautiful images that I’m sure you'll treasure for life.
Photo by Delia Faye
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